Fundamental Duties of the Citizens

The Fundamental duties of the citizens is a part of Indian Constitution. The Swaran Singh Committee recommended that certain Fundamental Duties and obligations which every citizen owed the nation should be included in the Constitution.

The recommendation were implemented by 42nd amendment of the constitution in the year 1976. It inserted the article 51-A in IV-A part, which contains the list of  duties.

The original constitution enforced on 26 January, 1950 did  not contain anything about the fundamental duties.

Fundamental duties are non-justifiable. This means these duties are not enforceable by court in case of non-fulfillment by citizens except by a law enacted by legislatures.

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GK Quiz 41

Q1. ‘Thorat Committee’ is related to

A)     Centre-State relations

B)      Demolition of Babri Masjid

C)      Godhara Train Carnage

D)     Discrimination against reserved category students at the AIIMS

Q2. The first talkie film in India (Alam Ara) was made in

A)     1913

B)      1931

C)      1933

D)     1937

Q3. Water for civil supplies is commonly purified by

A)     Chlorination

B)      Distillation

C)      Filteration

D)     Decantation

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GK Quiz 40

Q1. India borrowed the idea of federal system with a strong centre from
B) Canada
C) Australia
D) New Zealand

Q2. The Vice-President is the ex-officio chairman of
A) Rajya Sabha
B) National Development Council
C) Planning Commission
D) None of the above

Q3. Who is competent to prescribe conditions for acquisition of citizenship?
A) Election commission
B) President
C) Parlaiment and State Legislature
D) Parliament Only

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GK Quiz 39

Q1. “Mittathal”, the Indus Civilization site has been found in the district of –
A) Bhiwani
B) Hisar
C) Fatehabad
D) Sirsa

Q2. Which one of the following is the oldest dynasty?
A) Maurya
B) Gupta
C) Kushan
D) Kanva

Q3. The salient feature of the Rigvedic religion was
A) Worship of Mother Goddess
B) Worship of Nature
C) Worship of Trimurties
D) Worship of Pashupati

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GK Quiz 37

Q1. RAM is the acronym for
A) Read All Memory
B) Read Access Memory
C) Random Access Memory
D) Real Access Memory

Q2. A computer is
A) A mechanical machine
B) An electrical machine
C) An electronic machine
D) An optical machine

Q3. WAN stands for
A) World Area Network
B) Wide Area Network
C) Western Area Network
D) Whole Area Network

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