GK Quiz 40

Q1. India borrowed the idea of federal system with a strong centre from
B) Canada
C) Australia
D) New Zealand

Q2. The Vice-President is the ex-officio chairman of
A) Rajya Sabha
B) National Development Council
C) Planning Commission
D) None of the above

Q3. Who is competent to prescribe conditions for acquisition of citizenship?
A) Election commission
B) President
C) Parlaiment and State Legislature
D) Parliament Only

Q4. The Government of India instituted ‘Bharat Ratna’ and ‘Padma Shri’ awards under article _____ of Constitution.
A) 14
B) 18
C) 25
D) None of the above

Q5. The Constitution of India is –
A) Rigid
B) Flexible
C) Partly rigid and partly flexible
D) Very rigid

Q6. At present right to property is a
A) Legal right
B) Human right
C) Fundamental right
D) Natural right

Q7. The members of Constituent Assemby were
A) Directly elected by people
B) Nominated by various political parties
C) Nominated by the rulers of the Indian states
D) Elected by the provisional assemblies

Q8. Among the tax revenues of the Union Governement, the most important source is
A) Income tax
B) Corporation tax
C) Union excise duties
D) Custom duty

Q9. Who is regarded as the Father of the Indian Constitution?
A) B.R. Ambedkar
B) B.N. Rao
C) Dr. Rajendra Prasad
D) K.M. Munshi

Q10. The Lok Sabha Secretariat works under the supervision of
A) The Union Home Mnister
B) The Ministry of parliamentary Affairs
C) The Speaker of Lok Sabha
D) The Leader of Opposition



1) A

2) A

3) D

4) B

5) C

6) A

7) D

8) C

9) A

10) C

GK Quiz 39

Q1. “Mittathal”, the Indus Civilization site has been found in the district of –
A) Bhiwani
B) Hisar
C) Fatehabad
D) Sirsa

Q2. Which one of the following is the oldest dynasty?
A) Maurya
B) Gupta
C) Kushan
D) Kanva

Q3. The salient feature of the Rigvedic religion was
A) Worship of Mother Goddess
B) Worship of Nature
C) Worship of Trimurties
D) Worship of Pashupati

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GK Quiz 37

Q1. RAM is the acronym for
A) Read All Memory
B) Read Access Memory
C) Random Access Memory
D) Real Access Memory

Q2. A computer is
A) A mechanical machine
B) An electrical machine
C) An electronic machine
D) An optical machine

Q3. WAN stands for
A) World Area Network
B) Wide Area Network
C) Western Area Network
D) Whole Area Network

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GK Quiz 36

Q1. Which of the following worms enters the intestine by penetrating the skin?
A) Hook worm
B) Tape worm
C) Thread worm
D) Ring worm

Q2. ‘Penicillin’ was discovered by –
A) Faraday
B) Sir Alexander Fleming
C) William Harvey
D) Charles Goodyear

Q3. The hygrometer is an instrument to measure
A) The purity of milk
B) The purity of water
C) Relative humidity
D) Atmospheric pressure

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GK Quiz 35

Q1. In which of the following organelle DNA is present in plants?
A) Cell membrane
B) Endoplasmic reticulum
C) Mitochondria
D) None of the above

Q2. Which one of the following is not a constituent of biogas?
A) Carbon Dioxide
B) Hydrogen
C) Methane
D) Nitrogen dioxide

Q3. The organ most damaged by heavy consumption of alcohol is –
A) Brain
B) Kidney
C) Liver
D) Stomach

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GK Quiz 34

Q1. If pH of any solution is 2, means it is –
A) Weak Acid
B) Weak Base
C) Strong Acid
D) Strong Base

Q2. Red Blood Cells in human adult are formed in –
A) Heart
B) Kidney
C) Bone Marrow
D) All of the above

Q3. Which one of the following is the only snake that builds the nest?
A) Coral Snake
B) King Kobra
C) Rattle Snake
D) Golden Tree Snake

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GK Quiz 33

Q1. Kedarnath temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located near the –
A) Mandakini River
B) Bhagirathi River
C) Alaknanda River
D) None of these

Q2. Right to protection of life and personnel liberty is mentioned in which article of Indian Constitution?
A) Article 22
B) Article 21
C) Article 24
D) Article 23

Q3. Which of the following tax is also known as regressive tax?
A) Income tax
B) Direct tax
C) Indirect tax
D) Both A and B

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